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Wrangler Riders is an international member based organization centered around local our local chapters. Start a chapter today!

Wrangler Riders Membership Overview

Be being a member of Wrangler Riders you support our mission to further Road Legal 4WD opportunities through communication, education and environmental stewardship. 

Our organization may work differently than other clubs and associations you may see in the industry in that, our membership is a single universal membership that is honored within all Wrangler Rider Chapters. 

Unlike a small local group, being part of the international organization give you loads of benefits that a small group could never produce. These benefits include printed materials, quality membership badge, online profile with a tracking system and so much more! Wrangler Riders is building the best of both worlds, a smart membership program for riders, as well as a great benefit and fundraising program for local chapters. The result is max rider benefits and the best chance that a chapter will succeed! 

We split the membership into 3 options, a 6 month, yearly, and premium membership. 

The yearly membership is our most common membership. It fulfills the basic membership requirement for all Chapter activities. Our memberships help us pay the enormous costs of running the association and we thank every single one of you for helping support our mission. Because Wrangler Riders is self-reciprocal, and each chapter may also be their own entity, Wrangler Rider memberships have no voting rights on an international level (though they may have rights to vote at the local level). 

2018 Premium Membership 
Individuals who want to support our foundation monetarily can join our Premium Membership program. Premium members get exclusive benefits that yearly members don't. These funds greatly help us open more trails, parks, and related operation. Also includes all the benefits of the yearly and 6 month memberships.  

*Exclusive event pricing with possible first to pre-register at some events
*2018 Limited Edition Shirt 
*Leather Premium Member Key Fob
*Exclusive supporter mentioning on our website (optional)
*4 Exclusive Collectible Stickers
*High-End Certificate of Membership 


2018 Yearly Membership

Our yearly membership is filled with great features! 

  • Full Color Plastic Membership Card with badge holder
  • 2 Color Membership Stickers
  • A few Nice Rig cards for sharing with others
  • Printed & Mailed Newsletters and Brochures 
  • Discounted Educational Courses
  • Instant Sponsor Discounts right in our Online Store
  • Event Pre-Registration & Discounts
  • Points Tracking
  • Automatic Login (if desired)
  • AAA Membership Discounts and Renewal Discounts
  • Wrangler Riders Merchandise
  • Invite Users to Group Conversation
  • Unlimited Conversation Daily Send Limit
  • File Uploads
  • Badge Tracking
  • Custom Avatars
  • Commenting
  • Reporting
  • Unlimited Conversations Per Day
  • RSVP of events online
  • Account Deletion Control
  • Join unlimited community groups
  • Like unlimited community pages
  • Unlimited Photo Albums
  • Unlimited Photo Limit
  • Unlimited Photo Storage Limit
  • Vote in Polls
  • Create Polls
  • Submit Unlimited Reports
  • Post Story In Dashboard
  • Post Story In Group
  • Share Video Links
  • Custom User Calendar
  • Create Friends List
  • Unlimited Friends Lists
  • Unlimited Friends Limit


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