The Road Legal 4WD Association focuses on building trail access for full-sized, road legal 4x4 type vehicles that fit within the definition of what we term Road Legal Four Wheel Drive machines (RL4WD). 


Right now, we're still honing this in before we help form public registration policies but so far we're at - 

A RL4WD is defined as being road-legal within your State/Providence and being under 90" (229cm) wide and 190" (483cm) long while coming in with a weight of under 6,500lbs (2,949kg). Exhaust needs to be under 100 dB at 2K RPM when measured at the exhaust tip and/or loudest part of the machine. 


Why only RL4WD's and not all 4x4's?

The vast majority of 4x4 vehicles on the road today that are more trail oriented machines, would likely qualify as a RL4WD. Our main focus is to gain land access, build trails and parks, and educate people on how to safely ride on those trails. 

So why not all 4x4's? Because some of the extreme duty machines are a detriment to gaining land access. Sorry, but it's true. Trying to open trails for big machines past most street laws limits the types of trails we can build. We want slow crawling trails that are fun and challenging, not wide open, fast and swamp trails. A super lifted, highly modified machine on tractor tires will get a park closed down in many, many cases. How do we know? Because the folks running this thing also run National Motorsports and we insure riding parks all over the nation. Year after year, time after time, the parks that cater to mudding, swamper machines get shut down. A local community can close a private riding park and fast! Not making this stuff up folks, communities do not want irresponsible, loud and unethical parks in their area. We could go on and on about how those parks and machines seriously hamper our ability to get more places to ride. But let's keep this article moving shall we?


Why Road Legal?

Large acres of land are becoming more and more rare. With smaller parcels being the norm, we need to move from one trail to the next using road routes. By keeping machines road legal, we avoid a lot of permits and legislation needed for road access. We want to see our trail systems connect all over! 


Sound Limit?

Yes, stock road legal machines are super quiet. If you can't see us crawling through the woods and you can't hear us... as far as the local community is concerned, we don't exist! That's a good thing when folks can't hear us playing around. Again, sound has been a major reason why trails and parks get closed down. Sure, we could have gone with some fancy measurement at the end of a property and brought in sound engineers, but really?? Why? Download a sound meter app on a smartphone and do the measurement... it's easy to do! We want the usergroup to be able to self-admin and these are some ways we can do that. For the most part, with a smartphone and a tape measure, anyone can determine if a vehicle falls under a RL4WD definition. 


Building trails for RL4WD's is far easier than for big 4x4's. By keeping RL4WD's smaller, we have far more opportunities to get more trails. If you have a comment on this article, feel free to post it below! 

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