The Road Legal 4WD Association dubs the term “Elder” as a respectful way to say “volunteer”. Many clubs and groups use Trail Guide as their preferred term, but when you look at trail outings, there are many other things that volunteers can do to make great events without actually being a trail guide.

Elder duties can include things like:

Cleanup Crew

Cooking, Snacks, and Drinks

Supplies Manager

Campfire Management

Photography / Video Production

Check-in Crew

Event Point Submission Person

Chapter Web and Social Media Management

Pre-Ride Rig Inspections

Trail Guide

Trail Patrol / Ambassadors

First Aid and Safety Management

Communication Manager

So you see, we have a lot of things that people can help out with but we lump all the volunteers into the term Elder. Elders should be respected and without them, events wouldn’t work, trails wouldn’t stay open and things wouldn’t get done.

Volunteers are the heart of everything we do and we thank all the Elders who’ve decided to join us in making Wrangler Riders better each and every day. Elders are to be respected at all times and many Chapters will give special pricing or Elder only events as a way to say thank you to the Elder team.

Becoming an Elder is as easy as talking to your Chapter host and taking the Elder training and background check. Elders represent Wrangler Riders and as such, we must be sure our Elders are safe, responsible, and show us in a positive way to riders and the general public.

Contact your Chapter Leaders and become an elder today!


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