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Black Knight Build
After running mostly stock Jeeps (TJ, JKR and now JLUR) I wanted to finally get this build going to ...
KB90KB Introduction to Ha
This guide covers things a bit faster, for me, it was harder to listen to because of the little bit ...
Stryker SR-94HPC 10 Meter
I had this in my cart for a few weeks, saw it just went down another $12.
I'm having trouble with some of the social elements after last weekend's attempt at a remote edit (w...
Gordon West Ham Radio Tec
Gordon West is a staple in HAM radio education. He's fun to listen to, does a great job explaining t...

Road Legal 4WD Forums

The forums of the Road Legal 4WD Association, members, chapters and clubs.


Help Desk

    If you have a bug to report or are having trouble with the site, please post here. 

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Just For Fun

    General fun posts, no drama, keep it family friendly. 

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Welcome Mat

    This area of the site is designed as an introduction forum! Tell us how long you've been wheel'n and any adventures you've had you'd like to share. 

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Trail Riding

    Trail Riding Forum Categories 

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Trail Development

    The continual development of key strategies to make and maintain trails. 

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Shop Talk

    These forums are related to specific RL4WD vehicle types. If you don't see a place to talk about your vehicle, post in the general area and we'll make a category for it. 

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Map Directory

    Forums and questions about the mapping directory.

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    RL4WD Overlanding 4x4 Forums. Talk about gear, trips, rig prep and more! 

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    Trail communication forums. 

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4X4 Camping Gear

    4X4 Camping Gear Forums

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