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Meeting is worth 10 event points and the annual meeting profile badge! 

Rides - See the natural beauty of over 300 acres of trails situated on a glacial esker! 

The fun starts Friday night with a 8pm - 10pm ride.

Saturday we'll be hitting the trails at 9am and then breaking for lunch and meetings. We'll then pick up the fun again after the main meetings in the lodge for a sunset ride (which should start around dusk).

Sunday we'll do a final ride to welcome 2018 around 11am! 

Meetings -

Friday at 6pm we'll host our officers meeting in the lodge. This is among elders, chapter leaders, and founding members. We'll be suggesting advisory board members during this meeting as well. 

Saturday we'll be hosting a lunch meeting that'll talk about all the things we're planning on for 2018. This includes introductions from local chapters, a report from the newly formed Wisconsin Road Legal 4WD Council and a listening session for member ideas. We'll also have a report from the Trail Patrol Ambassador program and possibly a guest speaker.

Saturday night will be our main dinner and awards banquet. We'll be awarding split tickets for prize packages based on the number of event points you have on your profile. We'll also be handing out special awards for people who've gone above and beyond for our organization. 

Vendors and Displays

We are offering vending and display booths in the lodge to our sponsors as well as outdoor space for larger rigs which we will showcase and film in front of the lodge. If you'd like to display, please contact us 1-855-527-7464.

Heated cabins and dorm bunks will be available for pre-registration soon! 

Prizes – Everyone who attends will get 1 ticket for the prizes being donated. For every event point you have on your profile, you’ll get one additional ticket for the prize drawings. Elders will get 10 additional tickets. Founding members will get 10 additional tickets. Modified Members will get 5 additional tickets. Come to the banquet with your Wrangler Riders hat or shirt on and get 1 additional ticket.


2019 Prize Sponsors - TBD


2018 Prize Sponsors - 

Extreme Terrain

Donated –

Barricade Recovery Kit - https://www.extremeterrain.com/barricade-recovery-kit-j103264.html

(2) $50 Gift Cards for https://www.extremeterrain.com

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(2) ExtremeTerrain Windshield Banners – White https://www.extremeterrain.com/xt-banner-white-8713.html


Nortec USA. Antigo WI

(4) $25 Gift Cards for their Rough Country store. Call today at 715-623-6300 to order. Special pricing on Rough Country products for Wrangler Rider members!


Rough Country also sent in some nice products for this event! Check em out!!! If you want to order any of these products, contact Nortec above.

(10) Rough Country Window Decals (35in) http://www.roughcountry.com/rough-country-window-decal-84166.html 

(1) Jeep Tail Light Covers | Mountains (07-18 Wrangler JK) - http://www.roughcountry.com/jeep-tail-light-covers-1078.html 

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AV Dynamics, Manitowoc WI

Doug, a founding member of Wrangler Riders, will be donating a Cobra  C 75 WX ST Compact/Remote Mount CB Radio with Weather and SoundTracker Noise Reduction System! https://www.cobra.com/products/recreational/c-75-wx-st 


Jeeps Are Life & TeraFlex


(4) $50 Gift Certificates to https://jeepsarelife.com/

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(5) 2018 Jeep calendars with discount incentives inside

(2) Electric transfer pumps

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(10) Sponsor key fobs




Everyone must sign in / sign the waiver before being allowed to ride the trails. We go out in groups, never alone. Do not attempt to open the trail gates without an Elder.

The vehicle must have at least one Wrangler Rider member in it whenever out on the trails. You can switch drivers. 

Be a decent human being. Treat each other with respect. Our group is new trail rider friendly. If someone doesn't have the experience of others, teach and share don't poke fun or criticize. Elders are to be respected. Their say is the final word, feel free to ask them about things.

Leave the camp better than you found it.

Always be in 4 low when out on the trails. No exceptions (it prevents trail damage)

No drinking alcohol before a ride. We have a breathalyzer and you must blow zero to drive. Obviously don't be doped up on goofballs either. If you’re on MEDs that say don't operate heavy machines, that includes your vehicle. You’ll be banned from the event and kicked out of Wrangler Riders for breaking this rule.

Police your smoking and butts. Don't smoke right by a doorway so the smoke gets drug into the building. No smoking in any building at the camp. 

Watch your language around kids. Our events are family friendly. 

CB's are set to channel 12 for almost everything. Add friends to the Beartooth network before the ride. 

You can bring the kids and dogs, but you're in charge of crying, barking, poop etc. Have your dog on a leash and keep your kids in sight always (we do have hoops and yard games for the kids). 

The camp trails have a different feel to them. During our November workday, we cut and cleared 5 new trails and a few big obstacles to explore. Some of the new trails are designed for experienced drivers, but most can be done with stock Road Legal 4WD Vehicles (RL4WD). Please be sure to check in early enough for the rides as we inspect each vehicle before each ride. 

Our night rides are a blast! Riding the trails at night is an entirely different experience. We feel it's important to host night trail rides so everyone has a chance to learn and practice riding without a lot of light.

9 Heated Cabins - You can now pick your cabin based on the picture in the description. Cabins have bunks and foam mats. They do not have bedding. You are expected to bring your own bedding, trash bags, ways to clean your cabin after your stay. Each cabin will be checked after the event. We want you to empty the trash, sweep up the floor and clean up any messes. Cabins that have heat will include a 220V heater that will be turned on hours before your stay. Please turn off the heat when you're done using the cabin and unplug the heater. 

Dormitory - The camp features a neat 24-person dormitory complete with its own bathrooms, showers and kitchen. We offer affordable bunk space in the dorm of you don't need an entire cabin. There are 4 bunks to each private area and a little bit of storage. Each side also has an observation deck and a great view of the lake at sunrise. The dorm is older, but everything still works. If you cook in the dorm, please bring things to clean the cooking areas. Also bring trash bags and if you can, donate some paper towels and some single ply (the thin stuff so it doesn't plug the $5k sewage grinder pump) TP. As with the cabins, the dorm only offers a foam mat on the bunks. It won't win any comfort awards, but it isn't too bad. 

Shower house - This is the newest building in the camp. It has the best showers and tankless water heaters. It has radiant in-floor heating and exhaust fans that will take the worst smells away in a matter of moments. Everyone staying at the camp can use the shower house. Please don't leave a mess here either. If a garbage is full, grab a bag, if TP is almost out, pop in a new roll. IF you soil the toilet, you'll need to clean it with the cleaning supplies in the restroom. We've never had a problem with people leaving anything dirty and our event fees reflect this. You all have done a great job of cleaning up after. 

Lodge and Kitchen - We have use of the big lodge and kitchen for this event. Feel free to move tables and chairs to meet the needs of what's going on. We just need to pick up the tables and chairs and put them back after. The last thing we do is sweep and mop the floors (usually doesn't need mopping unless it's raining out). We'll have coffee, plates, cups and cooking stuff (the camp cooking stuff is terrible best to bring your own but the cups and silverware are good). We have a fireplace in the lodge that we'll have going. Do not operate the fireplace if you don't know what you're doing. Do NOT bring dirty pine firewood into the lodge fireplace. We only use clean hardwoods in the lodge and that pile is over by the sugar shack by the ranger’s house. We'll be playing games, bring cards, the lodge kinda has Wi-Fi but not sure if we remember the password, there is a movie screen, but between cards and playing games and rides, you run out of time to do much else. 

Beach - Do not attempt to go on the water in any way during this event. Do not allow your kids to walk out on the ice. In the summer, we can rent a lifeguard and will have swimming hours and boating time, but in Dec... there isn't much to do out there. When the lake is solid, we may take the jeeps out on the ice for some fun, but that'll be Jan or Feb before the ice is thick enough. 

Grills - The grills behind the lodge are available to use. They are propane and pretty much suck. We may donate a new grill or two in spring since we're one of the only groups that use them. Ryan almost started the grill shelter on fire the last event because they are so bad.

Many of our events like this will be training us to work as a team when taking our Jeeps out into the wilderness. We'd love to showcase and learn how to work as a team to roll as a squad so we can do multi-day events without any need for much else. 

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